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A Beginners Guide To Hemp

Benefits Of Hemp To The Skin

There are two major species that can be derived from the Cannabis family which include hemp and marijuana. Despite the fact that these species have many similarities because they belong to the same family, they do have many differences. The key difference between these two products is how they are used in the industry. The hemp product is used in the production of paper, clothing, building materials, food products and skin products such as Cannatera Refresh Cleanser. On the other hand, Marijuana is mainly used for recreational purposes or for medicinal uses. These two differences are bought about by the contrasting compositions of THC and CBD where marijuana has more of the first than the second and Hemp has the vice versa. Due to the many advantages that the hemp brings to the body, it has been used to produce many products for human use. In the following paragraphs you will find some of the key benefits that come with the use of hemp oil to the skin.

One of the advantages that the use of Hemp oil has to the skin is that it helps to regenerate the protective layer of the skin. The protective layer is important due to a number of reasons. One of the main functions of the protective layer is in preventing the evaporation of moisture off the surface of your skin. Another key function that the layer has is protecting your skin from dirt, dust, sunlight and other external irritants. When the layer breaks down, the skin will become dehydrated and sore because thin spots that occur on the skin subsequently, cannot stop the evaporation of moisture. The good news is that hemp pil has fatty acids which will seal up these thin spots upon application. These fatty acids also help in the development of the protective layer so as to ensure that you do not develop the same conditions.

The development of wrinkles and face liners is a common challenge that older people experience. Wrinkles take away the beauty and make you look older than you should. There are many products and even surgical procedures that help to get rid of these wrinkles but the best is the use of hemp oil. Hemp oil fills the skin with moisture and this makes it look plumper. Collagen is the substance that supports the skin above it and what hemp oil does to help the skin is to stimulate its production. Damage to the skin is also caused by free radicals. There are antioxidants in the hemp oil and it will ensure that the free radicals are not the skin. For best hemp-based skin care, check out this link.

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