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Its Time to Go Mobile with The Effective SMS Based Marketing

According to statistics, a person sends about 20 SMS messages per day on average. Further, it has been proven that text message marketing including special offers, coupons, and calls to participate in loyalty programs are redeemed Seven times more frequently than calls through email marketing. What this means to a business is that it can leverage business SMS and combine with other forms of marketing to reach a broader target audience. Factually, SMS based marketing coupled with email based marketing provides a very robust communication stream that can produce positive results in any marketing campaign.

The first reason why every business worth its weight in gold should use text services is because it is a tried and tested effective marketing tool. The open-rate of SMS based offers and promotions is at 98% while that of their email based counterpart is at 22%. It isn’t uncommon to have an email staying unopened for several days in your inbox, of course, an SMS can only remain unopened for a few minutes.

The second advantage of SMS based marketing is the ability to reach a willing and interested audience. It is a proven fact that a consumer will provide their mobile number after careful consideration; which may not always be the case when it comes to email subscriptions. It means you can be able to efficiently engage directly to a loyal, captive, and active target audience through SMS marketing.

What better way to start a discussion around your services and products than through text messaging? Email marketing is a one-channel mode of communication, but it is very easy to create a dialogue with text messages. Business SMS thus opens up doors of conversation and creates the much-needed consumer engagement, hence are able to create a strong relationship with your customer and build the much-needed trust.

To remain relevant as a marketer, you need to be where your target audiences are. It goes without saying that you should be going mobile as well since that is where your target audiences are. Since texting has been the in-thing for a very long time now, rest assured it is a guaranteed way of taking your brand where it matters most. It needs no mentioning that you must use a stable and reliable mass messaging platform for your business SMS campaigns to be successful and fruitful. How unfortunate can it be to have a same-day promotion text message delivered 48 hours later?

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